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  • Perfume Oil Samples

    Size: 1/2 dram / 1.85 ml / 1/16 oz.
    Quarter is used in picture to show small size.

    5 for $24.95

    Ordering Instructions:
    Select sampler pack from menu, below, then type your fragrance choices into the text boxes that appear.  Please indicate "men" or "women next to each fragrance choice.

    STEP #1:
    Select Sampler Pack.

    STEP #2:
    Type in your fragrances below.
    Please type "men" or "women" or "unisex" next to each fragrance.

    Choose from 3,000 fragrances HERE. 

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Size: 1/2 dram / 1.85 ml / 1/16 oz. The quarter is used in the picture to show small size.

Perfume Body Oil Contains 100% pure oil. No alcohol or water. Apply directly to skin just a dab at a time and the scent will last all day long. Our perfume body oils are highly concentrated and are excellent renditions of the fragrances they represent. Because there is no alcohol content, the scent will last all day long. We only offer the finest quality perfume body oils. Satisfaction guaranteed.